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    Oakley Australia

    Multi-stage social competition to win the ultimate job at Oakley Australia.

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    Parca custom built an integrated, rewards-driven loyalty program for over 300K Witchery members, as well as manages a multi-tiered email communications and social media program.

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    Parca designed and built a rewards-driven loyalty program for Mimco called "MIMCOLLECTIVE", as well as complementary behavioural and segmented communications.

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    Magento eCommerce strategy and website design. Developed in conjunction with our good friends at Kinetic Digital.

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    Movember free burger digital and social activation strategy.

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    Seasonal campaign landing site.

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    VOX Magazine

    In collaboration with our partners at Kinetic Digital, Parca recently designed and managed a nationwide search for street talent called "Australia's Best Busker" for VOX Magazine and Mx Newspaper.

Happy Clients

Parca is a digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia. We craft effective, creative work that builds brands and returns on investment. We believe in equal parts research, gut feeling, hard work and a bit of magic.

The Team

Danny Phillips


As director at Parca since 2000, Danny actively monitors and participates in digital communities, and has strong opinions on how brands should use them to become more meaningful and relevant to their customers. Danny has a Masters in Communications.

Peter Pellegrino


As founding Director since 1992, Peter has worked with many companies and organisations and keeps the cogs turning in the client-agency relationship. He is the voice of our clients (and sometimes the voice of reason) here at the studio.

Christian Tabacco

Digital Creative

Christian as been working in advertising and digital for over 12 years. With experience across all mediums from print, TV and radio, to campaign concepts for some of Australia's largest corporations and government bodies, including the EPA, Honda, L'Oreál and Absolutely 80s National Tour of pokies venues, we wither in his marvellous presence we are ecstatic to have our prodigal son return to the fold.

Andy Johnston

Senior Developer

Andy’s expertise includes the development of media rich and standards compliant interactive digital projects for large scale government, corporate and recreational organisations.

Paul Grimes

Mid Level Developer

Originally from Ireland but now based with us in Melbourne, Paul covers anything from web app campaign development, to custom API plugins, to data analytics for end-user engagement. Also known as Junior Vice President (of silly accents), he joined the team in 2012, and the beer fridge has been weirdly empty since.

Jac Warburton

Digital Producer

Keeping it real since 2006. Jac adds a broad skill set and expertise to Parca's clients. She has a Multimedia Design degree as well as a degree in Media and Communications. Give her a snow dome and welcome to the family!

Simon Blangiardo

Digital Communications Manager

Some say he looks like Carl Barron, his mum says Johnny Depp. Simo eats an avocado a day and drinks more water than his body can handle. Simo helps brands understand the power of digital, he enjoys writing and executing digital strategies.

Stuart Thornton

System Admin

Stuart is well versed in all things PC, Mac, Apache, IIS, Novell, PHP, MySQL, LDAP, SSL, IMAP ... you get the picture.

Our Services


Digital strategy is about choosing your battles. To create rational decisions based on facts and foresight.


Take all that is good about your brand and its stories and present them in amazing ways.


Tell your stories in the way that best suits the medium and the audience at that precise second.


Digital is as much about what you hear as it is about what you say.


Interactive destinations that encourage a deeper level of engagement and advocacy.


There's never one box to do it all, but you'd be amazed at what you can do when you know how to tie things together.


Watch what works, create new decisions and don't repeat old mistakes.

Vendor Sourcing

We can't do everything, but we know how to find the right people for the job and get the results you need.

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6 Goldie Place, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

6 Goldie Place, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
Ph. +61 3 9642 1966 hello@parca.com.au

Client Tools

Parca Dispatch

Secure transport of files to and from Parca HQ… no more oversized email attachments, confusing FTP sites, snail post or missing couriers.

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Parca Wire

An online communication management tool for clients to plan, send and track communication to and from their customers via email and SMS. Great for instant promotions, event RSVPs and eNewsletters.

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